ANT 229

I got my teaching evaluations in the mail today. Usually, even when teaching small classes of 15 students, I have one or two disgruntled students who just loathe me and give me terrible evals. Oddly enough, I got NO bad evals from Cortland. They're all amazingly complimentary. Maybe the kids who hated me weren't in class when I handed out the evals, I don't know. Here are some of the themes that came through...

1. List some of the most interesting/valuable things you have learned from this course.
  • How to find the age and sex of remains, identify someone.
  • Mapping
  • Everything!
2. What did you like best about the way this course was taught?
  • Powerpoint slides
  • She used many different methods to teach.
  • Labs, hands-on activities
3. What changes, if any, should the instructor make in the course in future semesters?
  • None! (seriously - I got nothing other than "none")
4. Think about the qualities you look for in an effective teacher. In what ways does the instructor exhibit these qualities?
  • She communicates well and is prepared for class.
  • She was always available and approachable.
  • Helpful and respectful.
  • She is very interested and enthusiastic about the subject and it shows when she teaches. She was just always excited about forensic anthropology.
  • She was smart!
  • Sense of humor
  • (and, of course, my favorite...) Good looking.

Aw. While I'm excited that the students liked my class, I feel kind of bad for them. What does it say about other courses at Cortland that two of my good qualities are "prepared for class" and "respectful"? Does that imply that other professors aren't those things, and that they aren't enthusiastic about their subject matter?

I am surprised that they liked the mapping activity. Maybe because it was fresh in their minds and because we got to go outside for it. But I'm glad to see that they really did enjoy the labs that I worked pretty hard each week on (and dealt with umpteen logistical issues to accomplish) and am pleased that they enjoyed learning about the human skeleton.

I'm gonna go dissolve into a puddle of happy now.


Anonymous said…
Yep, we loved you. Soooo, you can come back now. Plz.
Chris Cameron said…
I haven't gotten my student evals back yet. I'm about to give up on them...
Anonymous said…
I gave you a good review! Though you probably didn't know which one mine was...or did you? :)
Unknown said…
You really shouldn't be surprised that you got good reviews. You were consistently the most well-prepared and thoughtful teacher I had at UNC whereas all my Biology professors would bullshit their way through half-assed lesson plans and not even pretend that they cared if we learned anything from their class. So yes, you should be proud that you're organized, care that we learn, and show enthusiasm for teaching.
Wow, the only people who read my blog are former students? Check that, the only people who read my blog are former students who got As in my classes. ;)
Lynn said…
well, it took me a while to catch up, but your MIL also does. and I think it's sad that college student(s) believe that good looking is a characteristic they look for in a teacher. I hope it is your favorite for the irony involved. As an archeologist, I do expect you to, um, dig deeper.

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