Today I showed my class a video called Following Antigone, which is an introduction to the work that the EAAF (Equipo Argentino di Antropologia Forense) has done in a variety of countries. They're an international NGO that exhumes people, often the victims of mass murders like the "disappeared," identifying the bodies and returning them to their families for proper burial. It was an interesting 40-minute film, and the most compelling parts were when the Argentinian anthropologists were interviewed, relating how forensic work brought back memories of friends and family who had been "disappeared" and how they worried about the repercussions of their work from the military and police.

I discovered that you can watch Following Antigone as a streaming video on The Archaeology Channel. I actually remember when this website started years ago. I had considered volunteering some time doing webmaster-ish work, but at the time it seemed impossibly lame, with old and broken links to other sites. Somewhere in the last 5+ years, though, TAC has become a useful resource, particularly because of the dozens of streaming videos about archaeology that they offer. If only Cortland's ethernet connection had been better, the video wouldn't have stopped to buffer so often today.


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