Kids say the darndest things

On Friday, I had to warn my second class that I would be kicking them out of lab on time in order to catch a plane...

Student: Where're you going?
Me: To California for the weekend.
Student: Really? You're "going" to "California" for the "weekend?"
Me: Why does it sound like you're putting quotation marks around those words?
Student: Well, my sister and I have a running joke. It's a euphemism for getting a boob job. So if someone "goes to California for the weekend" it means she's getting a boob job.
Me: Uhm. What are you trying to say about me, exactly?

It was pretty funny, actually. I just hope they all behave when one of the tenured profs has to come and sit in on my class.


I told my brother this story while we were waiting for our food to arrive one night in Palo Alto, and he is now using this euphemism as much as humanly possible.
Lynn said…
how many boobs does Dudes have??
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
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