Upstate cuisine

I stopped in at the little cafe in the library at school to pick up something quick for lunch. I should have gone with the tomato tortellini soup, seeing as how it's in single digits here (and double negative digits with the windchill), but I opted for the "Crunchy Veggie Wrap." Mmm, crunchy veggies. I like that! I get back to my office, pop open the plastic tub, and see this. The only thing crunchy about the wrap is the lettuce (iceberg, of course). Other ingredients: tomatoes (the only other "veggie"), cheddar cheese, jack cheese, cream cheese, and bleu cheese (which they spell: blue cheese). I really shouldn't be surprised, but I am disappointed. The should rename the wrap something like, "We Have No Idea What Vegetarians Eat... But It Must Involve 4 Cheeses Wrap." Next time, I'll get the soup.


Chris Cameron said…
I'm so glad that I'm not working out in that anymore. Yankeeland sucks in the winter time.

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