Linux and Lappy to the Rescue!

We showed up at 1pm for our colloquium yesterday so that we could load everyone's slides onto Megan's computer for projection during the talks. By 1:10, her laptop was still not talking to the projector. We called for the A/V people, who came around 1:15. They tried with Megan's computer and with Tracy's computer, but neither would work. Megan had to give the introduction to our session without her slides, and by the end, the A/V guys still couldn't get anything to work. I was giving the first paper, and I figured - what the hell - let's just try my laptop on the off chance that my poor, beleaguered Linux lappy would work. I booted it up, explained to the A/V guys that it was a Linux box running Windows in a VM, and they weren't sure what to say. Hooked it to the projector, pressed the magical button that searches for external monitors and fixes the resolution, and voila! Linux projected onto the big screen. Cheers erupted from the audience, and I scrambled to load my presentation and get on with the session without wasting too much time. It was hard to both introduce people and load their presentations onto my laptop (and teach them how to switch slides), but I managed. And the whole session was saved. All because of me. And Linux.


Anonymous said…
++ geek cred points for you. :)

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