Laura's Funny!

We were having breakfast at Elmo's in Chapel Hill, Erik, Laura, and I. Seemingly a propos of nothing, Erik says, "When did the Roman Empire fall?" Laura quickly replied, "When it tripped!" Apparently it was a legitimate question (albeit rhetorical - blah blah, did it ever really fall?), but I liked Laura's response better.

The next day, all of us were having lunch at Bandido's, when Laura started telling us about her mom's bidet-toilet combination. We were fascinated by the potential of this contraption to be used as both a bottom-cleaning and an orgasm-inducing device. Laura said, "I show it to all my friends who show up at my house. I usually tell them ahead of time, 'Don't poop before you come.'" I pointed out that "Don't poop before you come" is the best tagline I've ever heard for the various possible functions of a bidet-toilet.


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