It's like that song from Rent is running through my mind.... Five hundred twenty-five thousand six hundred minutes. Except it's fifty-six thousand two hundred dollars. Which is difficult to cram into a 13-syllable line, but my brain has been trying valiantly. Anyway, that's the total of the grant and fellowship money that I have spent the last six weeks applying for. Yes, all the days I've been back in the U.S. have been in service of getting either more money for isotope analysis (3 applications, about $8,000 of that total) or getting a fellowship for the 2008-09 school year (2 applications, the rest of the money) so that I don't have to TA and so that I get a great big monetary seal of approval on my dissertation project. So wish me luck with all of them (although I can only hold one fellowship, so I cannot actually accept all of the money, even if I am offered all of it... which I'm sure will never happen).

Now I get to start on all the things that I have been ignoring in favor of these deadlines, like revising an article for publication, ordering forensic texts for the spring, and writing recommendation letters (sorry for the delay, guys!). I also have super exciting news about another potential publication, but I'll post on it properly if it looks like it'll pan out. Stay tuned!


Anonymous said…
well good luck on the grants. Let me know what the secret is because I need to start applying when I get back.

Clay (no google account)

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