I have PGS

Two weeks after returning from Italy, I find that I have a problem. It's something I've decided to christen PGS or Phantom Geography Syndrome. The symptoms include being confused about where you are, working under false assumptions about your location in the world, and the realization you'd rather be elsewhere. Oddly enough, it's not Rome that is muddling my frame of reference. Everyone around me speaks English, the streets and sidewalks are free of dog shit and graffiti, and loads of people are obese - which makes it clear that it's not Italy. I keep forgetting that I'm in upstate NY rather than central NC. I was looking into travel to a conference in January and immediately searched for the cheapest flights from RDU. I stepped out of the house in a tshirt and hoodie and couldn't figure out why it was 20 degrees too cold. I thought about getting take-out Indian and then realized the closest place is at least 15 miles away. It's weird how a place that you lived in for only 8 years can have that kind of pull on your thoughts.


SS said…
"I stepped out of the house in a tshirt and hoodie ..."

Even in Durham, you at least wore pants.

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