More Un-PC Adverts

I found this in the supermarket today. It was under 50 cents, so I bought it, even though I don't have a microwave (incidentally, microonde is a great word). I think I might like it even better than the box of American Popcorn I see in most stores. Who wouldn't love some strange toucan, wearing a bone necklace and green fringey pants, who hightails it away from his teepee because popcorn is attacking him? The popcorn was made in Denmark, so apparently this is what the Danish think Indians look like.


Trey said…
I remember in France there was a brand of coffee that showed some Algerian guy with a red fez to match his humongous big red lips. All these posts about Native Americans and popcorn makes me feel like I may have missed out the best part of France!
Europe is just a strange, strange place.
paul said…
doesn't microwave popcorn give off cancerous fumes now anyways?
Laura said…
He looks pretty thrilled, though. I might assume that he was dancing with the popcorn, like a 1970s teeny bopper cruising amidst the lights of a roller disco.