Google says what?

Today I checked the keywords by which people have found this blog. Some of the phrases are quite amusing, so I thought I'd post them here - even though by doing so, I only encourage people and perpetuate the cycle. "Gabibbo" and "Dr. Kinky" almost make sense, since I blogged about them, but surely there are pages with a higher rank than my blog - pages that will bring you to the information you want. Other phrases included, "cuffing your jeans," "a picture of a cow bone," "Beadman family photo," "country lyrics - butte montana," "Danish spunk tshirt," "dental worms," "strange Danish people," "guy wearing a Little Mermaid shirt," "horse trying to bone a girl," "location of the human butt bone," "Nordic goddess pictures," "polio feet pics," "skeletons made of qtips," and "I think therefore I tram tshirt." I'm kind of want the last one.


Chris Cameron said…
"horse trying to bone a girl" brought someone here?

obviously i need to go back through the archives...

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