All ya need is karaoke

I had just finished talking to Patrick this evening when I heard Beatles songs coming through the window from somewhere in the piazza. The music was OK, but the singing was bad karaoke, and the English words weren't exactly correct. Being an intrepid anthropologist, I decided to check it out. Because of the festival that was held in the piazza back in June, I expected this music to involve a large band and old Italians inappropriately line-dancing. Imagine my surprise when it was actually a couple guys with guitars and mics, with a crowd gathered around them looking up at a building. Someone was passing out lyrics sheets for the songs, although it's strange to me that anyone, even a foreign-speaker, would need lyrics for a sing-along to All You Need Is Love. Everyone was looking at the second floor balcony, which had a sign that read "Briciola Forever." Briciola is a collective noun that means "crumbs." Although it could be a woman's first name, I don't know. The two guys were clearly serenading the woman on the balcony, who was singing and clapping along with everyone else.

So I stayed to watch this, as random people sang along, a guy was dancing with his infant, and a woman was dancing with her dog. The band stopped, and the lead singer went to his car and got a bouquet of roses. He rang the bell, and the woman on the balcony let him in. Then the woman's father comes to the balcony and starts talking to the crowd down below. He gets the crowd all riled up for some reason, then tells everyone to wait a second, then riles them up again. The couple appears on the balcony and everyone cheers and serenades them. They were also holding a sign that said something like "Lulu and Cricri, high in the heavens." I assume the guy is named something like Luciano and the girl is named something like Cristina. After the song, the couple goes back into the apartment. And that was it.

I took a video of this, which you can see below. If you have any better idea of what was going on than I do, let me know. My guess is it was a surprise engagement. But I have absolutely no clue.

UPDATE: 9/8 - While I was returning from the discount supermarket, I saw an old VW bug parked in front of the building, with a little red carpet rolled out to meet it. Then I caught sight of two guys milling around in nice suits, and the father from last night was up on the balcony in a suit as well. Now I'm guessing today's the wedding of Cricri and Lulu.


Anonymous said…
Just a couple of Rome antics. Nyuk nyuk.

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