My internet kiosk has a funny, funny keyboard. I keep trying to use an apostrophe, and I get the ø key. We are all familiar with that symbol from super-fun educational computer games made by Brøderbund, aren´t we?

Anyway, I made it to Copenhagen. The first person I met was an Italian, which was kind of odd. He promptly hit on me, which was not odd. I came to Denmark to get a break from Italians, and they are following me around. At the museums, in the parks, in the shops, and even at the Round Tower... there were tons of Italians, all being annoyingly Italian. Fortunately, the Danish pretty much all speak English, but unfortunately, that means no exciting Engrish tshirt sightings. I do, however, have enough material for a second edition of my Italian odd tshirt sightings, but that will have to wait until I return.

Copenhagen is a very small city, and as such I feel like I already saw half of it in the 4 hours I walked around (before napping for an hour in King´s Park). Now I am off to find a falafel or shawarma, since they´re cheap. If you´re lucky, I´ll bring you back this hilarious 12" tall plush dancing doll I saw on the street - he is supposed to be a black guy, complete with giant pink felt lips, and he is inexplicably wearing a Che Guevara tshirt.


Chris Cameron said…
I bet you could market a coffee table picture book of Engrish t-shirts. You should start snapping photos every time you see one and maybe even go hunting for them.

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