PC? Overrated.

I passed a cafe today with a strange poster that said Ceres Chen and had a graphic of a Chinese man on it. I looked it up, and Ceres is an Italian beer. For their latest ad campaign, the beer company created a mascot, a karate-kicking Chinese man named Chen for their biggest product, Strong Ale. (No joke, that's what their beer is called.) According to one website in English, Ceres Chen is the "soul of the Ceres bottle, which, abandoned on the street curb, wants to avoid to be captured by the garbage man. According to industry sources, Ceres Strong Ale is the most likely bottle to be discarded in the city streets. In spite of his unquestionable mastery of the karate art, Chen has no practical sense, and in each episode he hurts himself in the most creative, funny ways." It sounds like Ceres ale is the Colt 45 of Italy. Here's an example of the short spots that Ceres Chen does. At this point, I'm used to the inane mascots in this country (like Gabbibo), but Ceres Chen is so politically (and anatomically) incorrect that I had to post it. Want to see more? Check all 9 ads out here.


Chris Cameron said…
I think you should do a spot on Gabbibo. I mean, what is he? A red frog? A dinosaur? A bacteria? A hamburger?

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