I get my kicks

At a very international dinner party last night, this one Italian was quizzing the Spanish woman on Basque separatism and then decided to ask me random questions about America, like exactly how many people were killed in the 9/11 attacks (My answer: I dunno, a few thousand?) and...

Italian: Route 66 - where does that go?
Me: Uhm, I have no idea.
Italian: What? It's famous. Route 66. You've heard of it?
Me: Yeah.
Italian: And you don't know where it goes?
Me: You do realize that your country is the size of Florida, right? No, I don't know the path of all the highways in the country.

Not my finest moment. Insulting Italians because I don't know geography. I feel so... American.

The answer, if you are wondering, is LA to Chicago. I wikipediaed it.


Chris Cameron said…
I'm not sure Italy is as big as Florida even. I mean, England is the size of NC, for comparison.
Well, the World Factbook tells me that Italy is just over 300,000 square kilometers, including Sicily and Sardinia. It also tells me that Italy is slightly larger than Arizona. Huh. I think it's the islands that boost its square footage. (Square kilometerage?)

Italy's also about the size of Florida and Georgia combined, which is what I generally tell Italians to give them a good idea of just how small their country is.
Lynn said…
from Chicago to LA, according to Nat King Cole (get your kicks on route 66). According to the 60's TV show, anywhere Marty Milner and George Maharis could find a pretty girl in some kind of distress. These days, the road has disappeared in many places, taken over by the interstate.

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