Marshmallowy Delicious

Patrick and I made rice krispie treats last night after dinner. We offered some to the Italians, which was quite amusing...

Me: Would you like an American dessert?
Marco and Manuele: Sure, thanks.
Manuele: Mmmmm, good!
Marco: What's in them?
Me: Uhm... butter, Rice Krispies, and marshmallows.
Manuele: Huh?
Me: Marco, how do you say marshmallow in Italian?
Marco: Marshmallow.
Manuele: It tastes like white chocolate.
Me: Have you ever had marshmallows before?
Marco: Not me. I've only seen them on TV.

This, of course, made us laugh hysterically (after we were safely out of range of the Italians). Only on TV, eh? It made me think... what are European products that Americans have never seen in the US but have seen on TV? The list is surprisingly short. All we could think of was various kinds of meat (like the section in the meat department for horse) and a bidet. Before I came to Europe, I'd never seen a bidet in real life, but I'm sure I'd seen one on TV in some silly comedy when someone accidentally turns on the tap and it sprays all over the place. Can anyone think of another product that Americans have only seen on TV?

Indicentally, when we were at Le Grand Epicerie in Paris, we noted that the "American foods" section had the following: marshmallows, marshmallow cream, marshmallow-flavored popcorn, peanut butter, and brownie mix, along with some Uncle Ben's "Mexican" products. So that's what Parisians think of American cuisine... it's basically all fluffer-nutter sandwiches.


Anonymous said…
Two more European things that Americans have only seen on TV: small cars and half-flush toilets. Seriously, NPR just interviewed an executive at the MGM in Vegas, who was bragging about the cutting-edge, water-saving innovations his hotel is deploying. One of which is the half-flush toilet. I didn't hear the original story, only a reaction from a listener: "Really? It's 2007, and people in Vegas think half-flush toilets are cutting edge?"

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