Dwarves Abound

One of the archaeologists brought his dog into work today. It was an adorable little Yorkshire terrier that was happily carrying around what looked like a Mad Ball. (Do you remember Mad Balls? They were rubber balls with stupid faces on them. Lynn sent me the wikipedia link for them.) At any rate, poor Circe was having a stand-off with the completely oblivious dog, arching her back and hissing. I can say very little in Italian, but I can ask what someone's name is. "Come si chiama la cane?" The archaeologist replied, "Nana." I laughed. Nana (or nano for a boy) you may remember from a previous post means dwarf. It's so very Italian to just name your dog Dwarf. Can you imagine taking poor Nana to a dog park in America?

"C'mere, Dwarf, I have a treat for you!"
"No, you stupid Dwarf. Don't shit there!"
"I think the Dwarf's gonna sleep outside tonight."
"Since you were naughty, Dwarf, you're going to have to wear a muzzle."

If they didn't see the dog, most people would probably assume it was some kind of BDSM thing.


Chris Cameron said…
You could name it Gimp...
Lynn said…
try "mad ball toy" for the wiki article http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Madballs

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