New Apartment!

Yup, I finally moved out of the apartment I'd been living in since the end of February. It took a lot of effort to convince the landlord that he was being a dick in not letting me move out, but I finally prevailed (and found him a new tenant, also named Christina and also American). I hope for her sake she gets out quickly.

Anyway, I love love love love my new place. I'm renting a room from a kid named Marco and his brother Ivan. The apartment is newly renovated, and clearly every single thing in the house came from IKEA. The walls of the kitchen are also painted a bright lime green. It's like living in the Lime & Basil.

I have internet, but it's not wireless yet. Ivan will buy a router in a few days, and later I will post more about this apartment and the last apartment. Until then, enjoy these pictures of my room and the giiiiiiant bathroom (with proper American shower and nearly American water pressure!). And here is a Cribz movie of my new room (5th floor penthouse!).


Anonymous said…
Those look like some sweet shits you got there.

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