Cinco de Mayo

So y'all might remember that for the past few years, Patrick and I have had a Cinco de Mayo party (or that before that, my roommate Martha and I held one). Being in Rome and searching for a new apartment has stressed me out, and the majority of the Mexican restaurants in town require reservations for dinner. I am not joking. Today, I went to the international grocery store near Termini, but they kicked me out after 5 minutes because they were closing. Bummed, I went to the grocery store and shelled out big bucks for some ingredients.

2,67 E - Flour tortillas, 8 count (made in the Netherlands)
1,84 E - White corn tortillas, 150g (made in Milan)
2,86 E - Uncle Ben's nasty-ass salsa (made in the Netherlands)
1,78 E - Picante sauce (made in the USA)
4,56 E - Parmigiano (made in Italy)
1,65 E - Basmati rice (made in Italy)
1,10 E - Corona (made in Mexico, imported from Brussels)

The grand total comes to just over 15E, or over $20 for a meal that would have cost no more than $5 at Cosmic Cantina, beer included. And even though my burrito was covered in parmesan (for lack of cheddar in this country) and even though Uncle Ben's salsa is thick, greasy, and sugary, it was all worth it.

My question, however, is... why are the Dutch manufacturing Mexican food for European distribution? I'm trying to draw a connection from funny wooden shoes to funny large-brimmed hats and failing.


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