Inappropriate Easter Entry

When my old roommate Sara left the apartment, she donated some produce to me that she couldn't carry to her new place. This afternoon, I decided to make a salad and use one of the carrots that she had left. Here's a picture of it, in all its 6"-long glory:

I've never felt so much like a mohel while cleaning produce before.

Coming tomorrow: an entirely appropriate Easter entry involving Metro A, urbi et orbe, lots of Pope-manteaus, and no references to circumcision... even if the Easter rite involves chrism. Snicker.


Anonymous said…
I have noticed the same kinds of vegetables at our local market in Athens. What does the Mediterranean soil do to their carrots?
Anonymous said…
That's fucking hilarious.

Also -- since when do you know the word "mohel"?
-- laura
Joykies! said…
Weren't we cracking jokes about crism when we were waiting for John Paul to die that one happy hour?

Also, that carrot reminds me of the enormous zucchini the Italian groundskeeper dude left in front of Missy's apartment. Good times, good times.

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