Dialing Shiffletts

When I was in college, there was a high school kid named Trevor Moore who had a public access TV show that was wildly popular (at least for a public access show). One day, he had a contest. If I recall correctly, the first person to email him the word "muffins" got to be on his show. Patrick helpfully emailed him using my address, and I was forced to go on the show and make up words in German. It was kind of lame. God, I hope that tape doesn't still exist anywhere.

Anyway, Trevor had some good material, like the Giant Walking Talking Box, which harassed Charlottesvillians and I believe ran for some kind of local council seat, and Dialing Shiffletts, which probably only makes sense to central Virginians (where the vast majority of Shiffletts still live) but which was brilliant. I knew that at some point Trevor got an internship in NYC, but he's apparently done quite well for himself. Patrick sent me this link to a Hook article (local C'ville paper) about him.

Trevor is now in a comedy sketch troupe called The Whitest Kids U Know, and their stuff is actually quite funny. My favorite so far is:In addition to being a You Tube superstar, the Whitest Kids U Know apparently have a show on Fuse that started a week or so ago. So if you happen to have that station, you should watch it and support hometown humor. OK, so it's my hometown, probably not yours, but still. It's funny. Watch. And send me a tape!


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