Tanti Auguri

Happy birthday to me!

Yesterday, my mom arrived in Rome. Her flight got in half an hour early, so I had to haul ass at 5:30am to get to Fiumicino. Her first impression of Rome is not a great one: after an overnight flight, then three forms of public transportation (train, metro, bus), she wasn't so keen on my big, lovely, international city. I went to work for a few hours, and when I got back we embarked on an exciting adventure: checking out the local grocery store. My mom is great. I can entertain her by taking her to the grocery store.

My plan was to spend today in Pompeii - after all, what better way to ring in my 30th? - but it's Saturday, and the place will be packed. Instead, we're going to take the metro to Termini, then saunter down the via Cavour, twirl around the Fori Imperiali and maybe the Colosseum, and hit up the via del Corso. As my mom says, "We're planning to shop and eat our way through Rome today."

I'll post some pictures later tonight or tomorrow of my mom's first day in Rome!


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