I got crab!

As Easter nears, Italy is breaking out all its best chocolates. I don't particularly like chocolate, but the thing I love about Italy is how they package their chocolate. Today, for 2.50 euro, I bought a little chocolate egg that came with a tiny little plastic airplane inside. And if that weren't enough, it also came with a little plush keychain. I picked the crab because, even though it wasn't nearly as cute as the turtle or penguin, I can't remember ever seeing a stuffed crab before. Even if this one kind of looks like a hamburger.

This crab needs a name, though, so I am soliciting suggestions. And, no, any version of Crabby (Mr. Crabby, Ms. Crabby, etc.) is unacceptable, as is anything related to cancer.


SS said…
looks like a Sara

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