Still Here

Well, I moved out of the hostel (thankfully) after paying the landlord one month's rent plus two months' rent as deposit. Let me tell you, it's hard to come up with 1250€ in cash on short notice, and Western Union wants a fortune to wire money. But I moved in, and the apartment is lovely, and I have pictures (plus a special edition of Cribz in Rome)... which will have to wait until I get internet to my apartment. The modem came on Friday, the landlord installed it Saturday, and... well, the internet company won't tell him when they will activate it. They keep telling him "A couple of days." Which is kind of annoying when you're working on reading and vetting abstracts for an AIA deadline in less than two weeks and attempting to come up with your own abstract to boot.

So when I get real internet access, I will tell harrowing tales of life in the hostel, finding an apartment, riding public transportation, and being spotted as a weird foreigner despite my best attempts to fit in. And I will post pics of bone pathology as well, for those who care. Nothing terribly exciting so far - a bunch of arthritis, some osteomyelitis, and one hip dislocation. Whee!


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