Do as the Romans do

I really need to learn to chill out. Just when I was despairing of finding a place to live and getting to look at skeletons, it seems that everything is coming together.

I have a meeting tomorrow with the anthropologist, so I hope we will get something worked out concerning access to the skeletons.

And I looked at a really nice apartment today. I can't stress how unbelieveably nice it is. It's recently renovated into a rental. The guy and his wife lived there for 20 years. I can see why. It's in a picturesque area of Rome that's kind of like a suburb, called Colli Aniene. This particular apartment building looks out over a park with running trails and a Medieval castle. No joke. Here's a link to his website. He is renting out three single rooms on a more-or-less permanent basis to students, professionals, etc., and the master bedroom as a short-term (one week) rental. The place has 4 bedrooms, 2 baths, a nice kitchen, a big living room with a dining area, and a beautiful balcony that overlooks the park/running trails/castle. Also, there's a bus just feet from the apartment that will take me to within a mile of the place I'll be working. Sweet!

Now this is more like it. Living in a hostel sucks. But living in this place... now that's living in Rome.

More later, including snail-mail address. But he'll have internet (ADSL, wifi) in March, so I can use my laptop and upload pictures and talk to everyone on Skype and IM again! Woo hoo!


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