NYSE: Bronx Up, Battery Down

Patrick and I drove to Jersey this weekend to hang out with my mom and grandma. We escaped their god-awful old-person trip to Atlantic City to play the slots and took the bus into New York. Much public-transportation riding ensued (yay for NJ Transit bus 161 and the subway!).

We really only had time to see two things, Central Park and the American Museum of Natural History, on account of how freaking huge the latter was. Below are: a) a butterfly from the AMNH exhibit; b) the planets, to scale, in the AMNH; c) the castle in Central Park (yes, I do remember that it was used in the movie Stepmom starring Julia Roberts and Susan Sarandon, I'm glad you asked); and d) my mom and grandma inspecting the asparagus at Corrado's.

And in my daily hair update, I was walking around the grocery store with my mom and grandma, and my mom said, "Kristina, when did you dye your hair darker?" I said, "This is my natural color, mom." My grandmother got into the conversation, insisting that my natural hair color is not this dark. I finally, after many years, grow out my natural hair color, and both my mom and my grandmother think it's fake. Weird. My mom continued, "Well, I like it lighter." Thanks, mom!


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