Brand Spanking New

Although I am loath to do it, as you can see I am moving my blog to a hosting site. For over a decade, I have edited all of my web pages in straight HTML, eschewing the help of terrible programs like FrontPage. But since I'm leaving for Rome soon, I want a blog that's easy to update, and I want a blog on which it's easy for people to comment. So change your links to my blog... or don't. The old link will probably just redirect anyway. I hope this change encourages all of you to keep in touch with me while I'm struggling to learn about the culture and language of Italy and the culture and language of bioarchaeology while I research my dissertation.


Anonymous said…
No one ever comments.
SS said…
Now, you need to add an RSS feed so that I get automatic notices when you update your blog. (It's probably under "settings", "site feed".)

-- Another blogger sellout
Anonymous said…
Regretted-hairdryer and straightener from US to Europe w/o converter-que malo!

NEEDED-more money than I thought I did!

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