Who needs an osteologist? (Installment 52)

From bioarchaeologist Megan Perry come a couple screen shots from Blade Runner 2049:

Oh hey, the scapulae are upside down with the socket part of the ball-and-socket joint pointing in towards the middle of the body. Total week 1 rookie osteology mistake!

The clavicles are a bit hard to see, but are also wrong, with the lateral end weirdly pointing to the middle of the body.

Hai, Princess Buttercup. Those ossa coxarum are a bit hard to see but tooooootally not sided correctly. Hope this skeleton likes his pelvis facing backward! Whoopsadaisy.

I have no idea if these images represent a spoiler for the movie, because I rarely watch movies anymore, but uh, apologies if these are spoilers!

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