Who needs an osteologist? (Installment 49)

This latest entry in 'Who needs an osteologist?' was sent in by grad student Mar Vergara Martín, who happened to be looking for information on ulnar avulsion fractures and came across this WikiHow page on how to classify a radial fracture:

Mmmmm, nope.

It also says, "Distinguish the radius from the ulna. The radius is the larger of the two forearm bones. When the palm of the hand faces forward, the radius is the outer bone." Sure, the radius is larger at the wrist. But that last sentence is... very confusing. Couldn't they just have said the radius is the one near the thumb?

Also, I realize the bones depicted are the tibia/fibula and not the radius/ulna, but if the arm actually was in this position, the forearm bones would be crossed (that's why standard anatomical position is palm-up, to uncross those bones).

Now, most of us wouldn't trust WikiHow to help us diagnose a fracture (and I sincerely HOPE a medical doctor wouldn't either), but still...

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