Creepy & Funny Skeletons - An illustrated poem by my 7-year-old

Frequently at bedtime, my 7-year-old, Cecilia, asks me to read her something I've written for Forbes. At first, I think she was just trying to extend bedtime by a few minutes, but now she asks a thoughtful question or two about the topic. I was reading her the "Medieval giantess" story yesterday, and we had this exchange:

C: "Mama, look at that number. Your story has a lot of views!"
Me: "I know. It's great because it means people are enjoying it."
C: "And Forbes has to pay you more money, right?"
Me: "That's true as well."
C: "Can I write something for Forbes? I want to earn money to buy more Legos!"

While on the one hand, I want my kids to learn legitimate skills and not become famous/rich because of being on the internet, on the other hand, I want to encourage her to write and to show her that writing is a skill that people can make money doing.  So, I made her a deal: if she wrote something for Powered by Osteons, I would give her the money from the ad revenue on the page.  She decided to write and illustrate a poem.  Without further ado...

Creepy and Funny Skeletons
by Cecilia R.

Skeletons give me quite a scare!

So enter the Halloween if you dare!

We skulls are very bare.

But we don't have any hair!

We skeletons aren't very rare.

Of course, they don't eat a pear!

Skeletons don't live near an oak.

They also don't drink coke!

The skeletons don't wear pants.

They definitely don't dance!


#19 said…
Does she get extra for likes and comments?
Ha! I hadn't considered that. Fine, she gets a nickel for every comment. :-)
Sarah said…
Cecilia, I enjoyed your illustrated poem very much. Kristina thanks for posting this.
Gordon Rakita said…
Excellent poem Cecilia! Keep on writing!
Lynne G said…
Cecilia - your poem is terrific, and I especially like that you illustrated it too!
Unknown said…
I like your poem Cecilia! Please write more.
Writch said…
This poem is the best. It's worth ALL the Legos!
Anonymous said…
A fantastic poem, definitely worth more Lego! Well done Cecilia!
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