This Month at Forbes - Crucifixion, Bones of Santa, Foot Prosthesis, Ice Mummy, Stonehenge, and an Ancient 3D Ham

In December, these are the things I wrote about on my Forbes blog:

  • 11 December - Gift This, Not That: Bone Clones vs. Skulls Unlimited.  Sometimes, Forbes has contributors write a series of posts on a theme, and this month was "gift this, not that." The series was aimed more at the tech sector, which has a lot of contributors, but I wrote one on why you should buy replica bones and leave the real ones to universities and museums.
  • 14 December - Archaeologists Discover Elite 6th Century AD Cavalryman with Unique Foot Prosthesis. This is a very cool article on a skeleton with a foot prosthesis. From the muscle markers and injuries, the researchers think he may have been in the cavalry. I was a bit surprised -- but glad -- by how many hits this one got. It does help that the researchers gave me permission to run several high-quality photos.
  • 22 December - 10 Secrets Ancient Human Bones Spilled in 2015. Everyone loves year-end listicle wrap-ups, right?  Of course, the 10 secrets in this post are all links to other posts that I wrote for Forbes this year.  Well, since May.  So it's really a list of a bunch of stories I enjoyed writing about in the last 8 months.
If you're still reading this, and especially if you click through to my Forbes stories (in spite of the crazy amounts of ads, which I can't change, sorry), I just want to say thanks!  I really appreciate return readers, and hope that you continue to follow Powered by Osteons and my Forbes writing in the new year.


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