Who needs an osteologist? (Installment 29)

Today's big news is, of course, Homo naledi, a new hominin species discovered in South Africa.  Every major (and most minor) news outlet is covering it.  (I wrote it up for Forbes here: "A New Human Ancestor Arises from the Depths of a South African Cave.")

The New York Times?  Well, they need an osteologist.  Badly.  The reconstructed skull they are showing (as of 7:22 eastern time) on their front page is, to any biological anthropologist, obviously not H. naledi.  The cast is of a hominin nicknamed Mrs Ples, an Australopithecus africanus specimen found in 1947.
Front page.  FRONT. PAGE. Jeezum, NY Times.

Also wrong in the article. Oof. Someone's getting fired...

Good work, New York Times!  Might want to hire yourself an osteologist... or at least an editor who can recognize that that image was not in the press packet.

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