Roman Bioarchaeology Carnival XL

This is a wee bit late owing to the massive, history-making flooding we had in Pensacola this week.  And it's a little short owing to the fact that today's the last day of the semester and I'm buried in grading.  So without further ado...


Credit: Photo courtesy Nicolas Morin (Discovery News)
Elsewhere in the Empire

  • 6 April. Ancient Egyptian mummy found with brain, no heart. (LiveScience)  During the Roman/Christian era in Egypt, some people were still being mummified after death, in the old style as it were.  The method of mummification of this woman seems to be anomalous, perhaps related to the fact that mummification was nearly out of style.
  • 18 April.  This piece on a site preservation grant from the AIA came through my news feed.  The award was given to a project called Adopting Narce, headed by Dr. Jacopo Tabolli. Narce (Italy) has numerous necropoleis dating to the 8th-3rd centuries BC.  This grant will help them preserve the site and do some public outreach too.


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