Who needs an osteologist? (Installment 13)

Abbot House in the UK needs an osteologist...

Although they seem to have one, shown in the picture. And maybe the lower legs had to be laid out wrong for... Space purposes? No, there's just no reason for the fibulae to be medial. And the radii and ulnae are wrong. Anyway, this quote is also curious:
“The teeth of the older man were in a bad state with most of them missing, indicating a rough diet and muscle markers on his skeleton suggest he did a very labour-intensive job involving lots of lifting. 
“The younger man has a fantastic skull and quite a feminine jawline and has better teeth. There is nothing indicating any diseases or injuries so trying to work out his cause of death is difficult but we think it must have been something short-lived like a fever or a bad cold. 
“He also has a lot of genetic traits such as a hole in his sternum and a missing molar.”
Maybe that part can be chalked up to a bad reporter?

(Thanks to Mindy Pitre for the heads up.)

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