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My good friend, colleague, and fellow Waheel Sarah Bond and I have started a new classically-themed podcast.  Sarah commented on Facebook that she'd love to subscribe to a podcast that had people reading their articles aloud.  This would help her (and lots more of us) keep up on the latest research in ancient studies, which has become increasingly interdisciplinary, by listening to research at the gym or during our commute.  I'd had a similar idea when teaching Presenting Anthropology last spring and, for the audio project week, had suggested that students might want to read articles aloud to help the visually-challenged.  No one took me up on this, so when Sarah suggested an article podcast, I got excited.

Our theme is interdisciplinarity, so the articles we feature cross-cut one or more themes in ancient studies, like classics, history, art, archaeology, anthropology, osteology, philology, etc.  Because this is a channel of distribution, we are also starting by featuring articles that are open-access.  Although neither of us has yet published any research articles open-access (me, for reasons I've outlined before), we both contribute a great deal to public outreach in ancient history (Sarah, through Twitter, blog posts, and op-eds) and anthropology (me, through this blog, social media, and my new column space in a pop-sci magazine), so we are both aware of the challenges of open access.  I am in the process, though, of obtaining permission to read articles from Elsevier, who has a very good "transformative use" policy.  So look for those in coming weeks.

The address to subscribe to the podcast is:  You can simply go to File in iTunes and enter that URL under "Subscribe to Podcast".  We should be up on iTunes within the week, though, so you can navigate to it more directly.

And here's the part where you come in, dear reader.  If you like what we're doing and want to help out by reading an open-access article in ancient studies, please let us know! (Here's a giant list of open-access journals in ancient studies.)  Or, heck, just record yourself reading the next open-access article on your list and send the mp3 (or a link to it on Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.) to me at

We hope that this podcast will be of interest to a bunch of people, so please share widely!


FragaLatin said…
It sounds good ! I hope you get it done.
What about articles with photo's etc?
Are there any priorities, regarding the list on that page?
Any technical details for the mp3's, duration, or other?
Good questions. We are linking to photos by linking to the article. I haven't figured out yet if we can put photos in the podcast,.. Maybe as a video podcast?

We have no priorities per se, but anything recent or transformative (e.g., that pushes research forward) is great.

As for the file, as long as it's mp3, we can post it. Just make sure it has decent sound quality on playback.

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