Who Needs an Osteologist? (Installment 7)

In this installment, we wonder why Acura didn't ask an osteologist (or even Google) the proper way to lay out a skeleton for their commercial about the 2014 MDX. What, they couldn't afford one?

As usual, to play along at home, just leave your suggestions for how to fix this in the comments...

h/t to Sean Dougherty and Katie Haas in the BioAnthropology News group on Facebook for bringing this to my attention.

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Anonymous said…
I'm sorry, I couldn't get past the collar bones to find any more mistakes.

I just stopped there, mentally screaming "What? Noooo!"
kitkat said…
I had seen this on TV and uploaded it from youtube as an exercise for my students a few weeks ago. They were dumbfounded by all the errors, but had a really fun time figuring it out.
Unknown said…
As an RN and student of osteoarchaeology this is hilarious & idiotic...what was Google thinking..they couldn't look up the proper method of laying out bones or even consult an expert...the shame and embarassment.
JB said…
Switch the scapulae and make sure the spines are facing posteriorly, swap the humeri and flip the left one so it isn't facing posteriorly, put the radii and fibulae right side up, switch the os coxae, move the fibulae so that they are lateral to the tibiae (which should be rotated so that they're facing anteriorly), find your missing vertebrae (someone seems to have absconded with some of the cervicals and thoracics), and correct the orientation of your ribs.

I'm sure I missed a few things, but I started to get overwhelmed once I hit the lower legs...They did a good job articulating the cranium though, I'll give them that.

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