"Ask a Scientist" -- Anthropology in Science Uncovered

Just wanted to pass along this link for a preview of the forthcoming pop-sci magazine Science Uncovered.  I've been tapped to be the anthropology and archaeology expert in their "Ask a Scientist" column (if you zoom in and squint, you can see me on page 5 of the preview).

I'm really excited about writing for Science Uncovered.  Since you're reading my blog, you know how passionate I am about communicating anthropology to the public.  This is a really great way for me to do that -- as I'll be answering questions directly from readers.  It's also an exercise in patience and concision -- each question requires an answer anywhere between 100-250 words, and pull-quotes for featured articles are more like 25-35 words. My fellow academics will totally understand how difficult it can be to condense a nuanced answer into that few words.  But getting to the point fast is something I've been learning over the last six years that I've been blogging.  My answers to questions about Egyptian pharaohs' hairstyles, Neandertal language, DNA evidence in forensics and bioarchaeology, abnormal burial, and palaeopathology should be featured in the first few issues.

You can subscribe in the U.S. to the print edition (here's the subscription link). A better option, though, is subscribing to the electronic version through Google Play or Apple's Newsstand for under $30 a year. The first issue is out November 21!


Unknown said…
I like this magazine. I will subscribe from apple

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