Roman Bioarchaeology Carnival XXXI

All your Roman bioarch news for the month of July, with quite a lot of finds coming from England this month...

Finds and Features

Shrine burial from Rutland, England (BBC)
  • July - CSI: Italian Renaissance (Smithsonian Magazine). This article profiles the work of Gino Fornaciari.  His work is largely on Medieval Italian remains, but the entire article is worth a read.  His findings over the years are truly amazing!
Skeleton from Gloucester (BBC)
  • 31 July - Roman Skeletons Discovered in Gloucester (BBC News). Not much in the way of reporting on this one yet; hopefully we'll get more details soon, as this cemetery found outside of Gloucester is being heralded as "one of the most significant finds in the city in the past 30 years." It's unclear how many skeletons have been recovered (in addition to the 40 or so found decades ago) and how many have yet to be excavated.
Day of Archaeology
  • 26 July - This year's Day of Archaeology has a number of entries tagged with Roman and/or Osteology, so click through and check them all out while you're waiting for next month's Roman Bioarch Carnival!


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