Roman Bioarchaeology Carnival XVI

A surprising dearth of Roman bioarchaeology news this past month...

News and Analyses
New tombs at Alexandria (credit)
  • 28 April - And in more Belcastro news, it seems the remains of St. Deodata, a Christian martyr of the 4th century AD, were found - the front of a skull is marked "Corpus Sanctae Deodatae." Belcastro found in the reliquary the remains of a woman age 36-39, along with bones from two adolescents. I couldn't find much on this saint - anyone have any clue who she was?
  • 4 April - York Minster tantalises archaeologists with hints of Saxon church.  Apparently a ton of bones have been found at York Minster, used to backfill a Medieval trench.  They may date as early as the 5th century (just post-Roman) or as late as the 8th century (just pre-Viking).  Much more research on the bones is expected.
Exhibits and Conferences
Fake News (Satire)
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