Links to AIA Live-Tweeted Papers

Here's a quick list of the AIA papers that I live-tweeted (with tweets by others who were in the same session).  Each link sends you to a collection of tweets through Storify:

Papers tweeted by Kristina Killgrove (@BoneGirlPhD) -
The papers are arranged in chronological order, so you can see how my tweeting progressed over the 36 hours I was doing it.  In general, the less interested I was in a paper, the fewer tweets it got.  But this isn't a perfect correlation because the lack of wifi in the conference rooms meant that half of these papers were tweeted from my crappy phone and half were tweeted when I snagged a wireless connection for the Presidential Plenary Session.  I tweeted less and used many more abbreviations when using my cell phone, and I tweeted more and used fewer abbreviations when on my laptop.

Perhaps this will encourage someone to Storify the papers tweeted by Francesca Tronchin (@Tronchin), Timothy Phin (@TimothyPhin), and Tom Elliott (@Paregorios)...?


Jan Helldén said…
Tried to follow the tweeting during some of the presentations but missed a bunch of it. This is great. Thanks a lot!
Anonymous said…
Thanks for posting the Storify versions! Hopefully I'll get to actually attend next year.

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