From Manchester to Liverpool

I'm headed off to England tomorrow morning, to an area of the country where the adjectival forms of certain proper nouns bear no relation to normal English. (Maybe there's more of a linguistic connection between pool and puddle than I thought...) There's wireless access at the Uni of Bradford, so I can bore everyone with stories from pathology class. I'm pretty psyched to see horrible Old World diseases and crazy Industrial-Revolution-caused vitamin deficiencies.

If anyone wants a souvenir, comment away. Just remember, the exchange rate sucks and I'll be in the north of England, not London. I can get Beatles and Brontรซ paraphernalia and wander around the Yorkshire Dales (who knew that Wensleydale wasn't just a cheese?) but not "Mind the Gap" tourist schlock or, sadly, anything from Harrod's. (And now I really, really want to see this in Liverpool.)


Unknown said…
Tea would be a pretty cool thing to pick up while you're there (but mostly for the tins that they come in). I also think it would be satisfying to find out just how many parts of a cow those nutty Brits can tin.
Anonymous said…
Oooh, I've started collecting shot glasses from places I go! And if you have any idea what Trey is talking about with cows in tins then you're a genius
Unknown said…
Souvenir? If you can find a hot British professor that looks like Anthony Stewart Head, I'll take one.

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