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  • Maria Godoy, an NPR science journalist who wrote that "Kristina Killgrove's blog, Powered by Osteons, is a fun read" in a footnote to her 27 Oct 2014 piece "Gladiator Gatorade?"
  • Gordon Rakita, in the December 2011 SAS Bulletin 34(4), as an example of a bioarchaeology blog actively communicating news about the field to the public.
  • Jason Antrosio, in his Anthropology Report post on favorite anthropology blogs, where Powered by Osteons was chosen as a top 10 anthropology blog by reader survey in December 2011.
  • Rosemary Joyce, on her blog Ancient Bodies, Ancient Lives, who linked to my crowdfunding efforts for the Roman DNA Project, which spilled over into PbO, and discussed my research in Where the Girls Are, Roman Edition in November 2011.
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