Who needs an osteologist? (Installment 45)

Cecilia, my 8-year-old, came home this week with a packet of work she completed in 3rd grade. One worksheet attempted to teach them about the bones in the human body through math, which is pretty cool. But I noticed an error. Can you spot the incorrect question(s)?

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Unknown said…
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Unknown said…
Do...do they think there is a bone similar to the patella in the arm? Or are they counting the clavicle and scapula as belonging to the arm? I only get 30 arm bones.
Wrayth Lethe said…
I wouldn't know how many bones in which part of the body, but according to the sheet 1 femur in each leg, so how many people in a room would end up with an even number, yes?

So the answer to the bonus question of "19"...is there someone missing a leg? Or did someone bring in an extra femur for maths with bones?
Oh, hah, my kid wrote 19 because there are 19 students in her class, and she misunderstood the question!

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