November 24, 2015

2016 Hominin Calendar Fundraiser for UWF Anthro Grad Students

Our Graduate Anthropology Association here at UWF came up with an awesome idea for a fall fundraiser: a "hot hominins" calendar.  Led mostly by Jane Holmstrom and Tarra Wixom, the calendar was created using open-access images of reconstructed hominins... plus clever and funny sayings.  It's a spin on a traditional "pin-up" calendar for those of us who geek out on anthropology.

All proceeds from calendar sales go to the GAA, which disburses the funds to graduate students who are attending professional conferences to present work and network in the field.

If you're in need of a 2016 calendar and want to help out our students, please click through to check it out.  You can even preview each calendar page so you can see if your favorite species is there. Some sample images are below.

November 23, 2015


I have nothing more to add but a photo, really.  I love boozy Italian coffee desserts and portmanteaux.

My grad students get skeletiramisù tomorro, for the last day of this semester's bio anth grad seminar..

November 19, 2015

Bones - Season 11, Episode 8 (Review)

And here's this week's Bones review:

'Bones' Season 11, Episode 8 Review: 

High Treason In The Holiday Season

Three-week hiatus for Bones, then they're back for a two-hour Xmas special, then off until the spring it seems.

Bones - Season 11, Episode 7 (Review)

November 6, 2015

Bones - Season 11, Episode 6 (Review)

In light of the insane traffic that my blog post about the Egyptian pyramids got in the last 24 hours, I almost forgot to post this review of last night's Bones, from over at Forbes:

November 4, 2015

This month at Forbes - Bones reviews, Roman-inspired bone cookies, DNA mystery-solving, and a MacArthur winner

Here's what I wrote during the month of October over on my Forbes blog in case you missed it:

News and Culture

Bones Reviews

Bones reviews are now over at Forbes, thanks to the support of my editor.  The first couple got great traffic, particularly when the show's creator, showrunner, actors, and even Kathy Reichs herself tweeted my review of the première.  But not as many people are reading the rest.  We'll see if it picks up over the course of the season.

Roman Bioarchaeology Carnival LXXVI

Roman skeleton news from the spoooookiest month of the year!

Newly discovered Etruscan sarcophagus (photo via Tutto Oggi)

Elsewhere in the Empire
  • 12 October. Ancient Treasures Discovered in Cyprus Tomb Complex (LiveScience). This 4th century BC tomb has several chambers and a whole bunch of cool stuff, but alas no word on any potential bones.
    Contents of one of the pithos tombs from Turkey
    (Photo via Daily Sabah)

Roman Culture

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